handyCalc 0.53

February 1, 2012

the new version came with some new stuff:

1. support big screen with high resolution, such as Samsung Galaxy Note.

2. cubic and cubic root on keypad (press shift first).


3. engineering notation available in preferences.


4. copy answer in menu->edit.


5. improved bracket input. it is now more intelligent. try to input “(1/2)” with no escape. the bracket will be closed.


handyCalc 0.52

November 6, 2011

It’s just a bug fixed version.

And it can run onĀ Ice Cream Sandwich in emulator. So it should be ready for ICS.

If you are running on Android Pad, and your keypad does not work, try Menu -> Preferences -> Force Portrait.

handyCalc 0.50

May 30, 2011

quick fix version 0.51 is released, honeycomb users can now upgrade to this version.

for those who have a Android 2.x pad like Dell Streak, if the keypad does not work, you can download v0.50. it’s the same feature as v0.51.

with Honeycomb support in landscape mode.

and new peypad.

and percentage %.

and factorial !

handyCalc 0.44

October 28, 2010

Finally, the move to SD card option for those who has Froyo. It still support all versions of android system (even on 1.0):


And a Keep Screen On option. You have to turn it on in preference manually if you want it.


And there are some bug fix & performance improvements (which you may not feel). Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

handyCalc 0.41

November 12, 2009

Upgrade two important components: unit converter & currency converter. Both support more data (600+ common units & 140+ currency) and implemented a powerful search function. I also release the standalone version for them (if you like, search “handyConverter” and “handyCurrency” in Market).




handyCalc 0.40 is released

July 10, 2009

handyCalc 0.40 is the first version for the 0.4x. It does not has much improvements, but you can see a new on screen keyboard, which saves runtime memory and more easily for you to operate. I hope you like it.
new keyboard 1new keyboard 2

More improvements is under development and need more time to merge to the main project. And the performance will be optimized to reduce the startup time and improve the graph plot in the version 0.4x.

handyCalc 0.39 is ready for Cupcake

May 2, 2009

The keyboard issue in cupcake has been fixed in this version. Further cupcake support will come in the future version.

And the % button in the screen keypad has been removed. People always complain about 100-25% doesn’t equals 75%, while handyCalc take 25% as 0.25 (there is no data type for percentage in the core). The logic is confusing, so I do not recommend to use it. But you can still type % in your hardware keyboard to use it.

handyCalc 0.39

Sorry for the calculation bug in v0.38

March 9, 2009

There is a serious calculation bug in the math core of v0.38, sorry about that.
The latest version v0.38b has fixed that. Please update.

handyCalc v0.38 released

March 7, 2009

handyCalc v0.38 released, with some bug fixed, and following changes:

  • math core improvements, with more solving ability.
  • fix the graph drag problem.
  • tutorial (auto update, more tutorial will be added in the future)
  • turn off currency exchange rate update.
  • more…

handyCalc v0.38

BTW: part of the user who install handyCalc in Feb. 2009 will probably fail after update. Reinstall the application from the Market can solve this problem.

handyCalc Intruduction

February 21, 2009

here is a complete video which introduce the math related features of handyCalc. not all the features, but the most valuable i think.

BTW: version 0.38 is on the way.