handyCalc V0.2

Now we can plot graphs!

Just type your expression, and click [Draw graph]. Okay, it maybe a bit small. click zoom some times to make it looks comfort or drag the graph to navigate. Notice that you have some tools might be useful below.

I don’t think this need a tutorial. But if you do want it, here is a chapter in advanced tutorial. link

Also fix two serious bugs. One in math core and another in UI input.

Get it at http://www.trackdroid.com/info/mmin/handycalc/0-2 Or http://rapidshare.com/files/110832157/handycalc.apk.html

Note: this package is for test or personal use only. Do not use it in any commercial purposes.


4 Responses to handyCalc V0.2

  1. Jack says:

    I like HandyCal.

  2. Rich says:

    This is the best calculator I’ve ever seen! Did you make it to the next round? I hope you did! Please continue to code the project even if you don’t win, then set up a paypal tip jar. I’ll throw money at you!

  3. Mariano Corzo says:

    I can’t believe you aren’t listed in the Round 1 Winners !!! your app is amazing! Did you post it ? You are doing a really good job, whether you win or not, everybody will use your calculator in Android for sure. Don’t give up. Best wishes from Argentina.

  4. katoptron says:

    I just installed your app and it’s truly awesome! Works like a charm, I really like it. You can be sure I (and probably just anyone who saw it) will install it when I’ll get the real android-phone 🙂

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