help improve handyCalc

December 16, 2008

if you think handyCalc is helpful to you, you can help in several ways:

  • report bugs. handyCalc is a complicated program, and there are lots of bugs in it. report bugs to, and the next version of handyCalc will be more stable. (btw, handyCalc will generate a bug report each time it crash or catch serious exceptions, and will notify you to report it by email.)
  • visit wiki site to see if there is any improvements you can help. read the instructions in the homepage first.
  • donate handyCalc 🙂

handyCalc v0.33

December 14, 2008
  • bug fix
  • no more overlap
  • bigger keypad button
  • draw graph in new activity (can choose in the preferences)



handyCalc now on Android Market

December 2, 2008

handyCalc 0.32, the first release on Android Market, in 2008-12-3.

Applications -> Productivity


update list:

  • use database instead of files to manage the pages
  • press enter key to show the result directly
  • menu shortcut, like Menu+C to copy, Menu+V to paste
  • use system clipboard, now you can copy and paste formulas into text format
  • keypad visibility in both landscape and portrait mode.
  • zoom mode and goto function
  • support for non-decimal bases (hex, octal, binary)
  • multiplication symbol on the G1 keyboard (×)
  • updated demo (help->demo)
  • factory reset in preference’s menu
  • improvements to make handyCalc more easier and more stable

handyCalc is free, but i haven’t decided to open source yet.