handyCalc v0.33

  • bug fix
  • no more overlap
  • bigger keypad button
  • draw graph in new activity (can choose in the preferences)



2 Responses to handyCalc v0.33

  1. zerocle says:

    Great work on this program, I use this over my TI-83 now! the bigger buttons are awesome, the scrollable output is fantastic, this is one hell of a great program, great work guys! Is there any chance of having the accelerometer change the orientation of the program(and of course have this be an option so people who don’t want it don’t have to have it) sometimes things are easier to see when they are stretched out long-ways but I don’t always want to flip open the keyboard. Either way, absolutely amazing work, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the great new updates you guys have!

  2. exc says:

    Have you optimized it for other resolutions (QVGA)?

    Is there an apk available for the latest version (outside android market)?

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