handyCalc 0.39 is ready for Cupcake

The keyboard issue in cupcake has been fixed in this version. Further cupcake support will come in the future version.

And the % button in the screen keypad has been removed. People always complain about 100-25% doesn’t equals 75%, while handyCalc take 25% as 0.25 (there is no data type for percentage in the core). The logic is confusing, so I do not recommend to use it. But you can still type % in your hardware keyboard to use it.

handyCalc 0.39


6 Responses to handyCalc 0.39 is ready for Cupcake

  1. Robin Öhnell says:

    How will one use handy calc on devices without any such thing as hardware keybord?

  2. El Sledgo says:

    The soft keyboard toggles between a few screens. The screenshot above is just the standard numbers and functions, the “up-arrow” will switch to scientific functions.

    Alternatively, you can do a “swipe” motion on the onscreen keyboard (works left-to-right and reverse) to toggle between the different keyboard types. The QWERTY keyboard appears only with the swipe motion toggles.

  3. Brad says:


    I can’t find Handycalc on the market. Is it a paid app now?

    The newest version I can find (on softpedia I think) is 0.33. Help!

    (Thanks, btw, for this app. I miss it already, as I’ve just received a replacement phone…)

  4. Brad says:

    Strange, it just appeared on my phone’s market. Not sure why.

  5. Matija says:

    I seem to have a problem with solving equations in the latest version. I enter


    When I press solve equations about x,y I get

    which is obviously incorrect (see the first equation)
    The correct solution is x=3, y=1, which seems to bear no relation to the calculated solution…

  6. Tom7 says:

    I carried HP business calculators for years, and as amazing as Handycalc is, one of the things I miss most about trying to make do with Handycalc are its lack of percentage functions… not just a percentage key.

    For example, HP 19B and 12C calculators let us quickly calculate:

    Percent Change
    Percent of Total
    Markup on Cost
    Markup on Price

    Sigh. 🙂

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