handyCalc 0.40 is released

handyCalc 0.40 is the first version for the 0.4x. It does not has much improvements, but you can see a new on screen keyboard, which saves runtime memory and more easily for you to operate. I hope you like it.
new keyboard 1new keyboard 2

More improvements is under development and need more time to merge to the main project. And the performance will be optimized to reduce the startup time and improve the graph plot in the version 0.4x.


9 Responses to handyCalc 0.40 is released

  1. s rod says:

    Can the new version calculate area

  2. Lord Gara says:

    I would like the new version could calculate the factorial of a number, I think it’s the only operation that this wonderfull appz can’t perform

  3. Lourens says:

    In qalculate it is possible to use units in the equation which will be converted to a best unit in the result. Like you type 1mA*1kOhm results in 1V. Is this or will this be possible with handyCalc?

  4. Jiri says:

    Please, could you add support for complex numbers?

  5. Dirk says:

    I love this app!

  6. BasiC says:

    really impressive piece of code, would like to see it

    good job !

  7. IVAN says:

    You have done a great jab of doing algebra. It would be great if you could also include calculus!

  8. Rane says:

    Very cool calculator and conversion tool!
    I wish the keyboard selector (123-ABC) were instead a button for switching. Also, Unit & Currency converter modes were selectable buttons as well. These two things would make using it so oooo much easier! Other than the user interface, the software is great!:-)
    One last thing, I could not figure out how to get the date calculation to work. Looked great in the demo, and is a handy feature 😉 love your foresight on this project.
    FYI made a graphing calculator (for a PC) as my
    Project 23

  9. Mitch says:

    Your app is great. Best layout I have seen so far. Two suggestions I have for improvement.

    1. Having a soft key to call up the keyboard or to be able to urn the phone sideways to call it up. Working on the droid x so I do not have a hard keyboard.
    2. Changing the “x” for multiplication to the “*”. When using the equation solver, writing equations that look like 100=3xx+5xy20 gets slightly confusing.


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