handyCalc 0.44

Finally, the move to SD card option for those who has Froyo. It still support all versions of android system (even on 1.0):


And a Keep Screen On option. You have to turn it on in preference manually if you want it.


And there are some bug fix & performance improvements (which you may not feel). Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

34 Responses to handyCalc 0.44

  1. Jean Pierre Martínez says:

    Thank you for continue supporting your app!. 😉
    Great updates.

  2. Co-Jack says:

    I had updated the software to v0.44 and now I have no keyboard on my apad.
    Without a keyboard, the program is worthless.

    An otherwise I find the program very well

    • Co-Jack says:

      I had updated the software to v0.44 and now I have no keyboard on my apad.
      Without a keyboard, the program is worthless.

      An otherwise I find the program very well.

      Please add n! faculty and keyboard for @Pad
      and APad (HiaPad/iRobot)

  3. Gregory Szczeszynski says:

    As an engineer, I love the app. Several of us here would not hesitate paying ~$10 for it if it had some minor improvements (we use it daily as part of our work):
    – Engineering notation, not just scientific.
    (i.e. 1k/1m = 1M).
    – Support for screen rotation, so that we can have bigger buttons during entry.

    I personally would like support for imaginary numbers (i.e. abs( 1+3i)= 3.162 ), which would necessitate functions such abs() or mag(), real(), imag(), phase(), but that’s just my preference and I’m not sure how much my colleagues would use that.

    On another topic, the current version has a bug that makes it hard to trust the results.
    My precision is:
    max fraction digits:3
    minimum fraction digits: 0
    scientific notation if too big: true
    maximum integer digits: 3
    scientific notation if too small: true

    And when I enter the following:
    2 / 1E4
    The result is: 0
    Doesn’t switch to scientific..

    Wonderfull App!

  4. Anonymous says:

    needs the factorise (n!) function.

  5. Anonymous says:

    it’s not in market i cant find it! tried all the ways to donwload

  6. dsiminiuk says:

    EVO has no trackball for moving the cursor while editing, need on screen cursor movement keys PLEASE!

  7. Nicklas says:

    Wonderful app, allthough some problems seems to be a bit over it’s head…

    log(2x-5)=1 Unable to find a root
    7.5 is a pretty good answer
    ( 2*7.5-5 ) = 1 ( 15-5 ) = 1 Log10 = 1 and it does show it in the graph.

    And I agree with the rest, a little more functionality and, this is personal preference, a better keyboard when swiping would make this app worth a little money and I would gladly pay for it.

  8. Liam says:

    Neat little app. seems to work a treat on the galaxy tab. Can do more than I expected. Thanks for developing it.

  9. Kevin says:

    That’s an awesome app you develop! I really love it.
    Some of my suggestions:
    – deriving and integrating functions (also finding the antiderivative)
    – complex numbers
    – plotting in polar and parametric coordinates

    If you add the, I’d even be willing to pay a couple bucks for this app!

  10. Chris87 says:

    Stunning App!
    Calculation of intersection would be nice to have but still great app!

    Thanks for your hard work

  11. DemonWav says:

    I love this app and I use it quite a lot, actually, but I would love to see complex numbers in the next update, if that’s possible. Wouldn’t hesitate to put a little cash towards this if it had that feature. Good work, keep it up!

  12. mvklingeren says:

    Thanks a lot for this amazing calculator!

    Would love to have a fullscreen option tough… 🙂

  13. korosizoltan says:

    No1 app. Please make the . (dot) valid decimal separator in Currency Exchange. I have . but no , on numeric keyboard. 9.95 = 9,00 for me now. I have switch keyboard every time to give decimals… 😦

    Regards, Zozo

    ps. Sorry about my english 🙂

  14. Dave says:

    If this program had the ability to handle complex numbers and mag/angle conversions I would definitely pay for it. If it had the ability to program and call your own functions, I would pay even more. Great App though, I love the page layout idea and ease of input. I really wish it would be able to recognize 40e^(20i) as a complex number though.

  15. BlackTX says:

    Excallent app! Thanks!!!

    But just it dont shows full screen on tablets 😦 (resolution 1024×600 for me), you can try it in emulator, please its only bug/error…

  16. youare says:

    thanks a lot.I needed it.

  17. 1ce says:

    Nice dudes

  18. GuB says:

    A nearly perfect calculator.

    Unfortunately, it is missing many features for programmers. Especially :
    – Ability to input hex numbers directly
    – Operations in hex/dec/oct/bin, possibly integer (i.e. 5/3=1).
    – modulo, and, or, xor, not, 2-complement

    Some features that are uncommon but may be useful :
    – IEEE754 floathex conversion
    – endianness conversion

  19. js says:

    I like this app, can’t find key for % just not there or an I missing something. An app this good should have something that simple

  20. Anonymous says:

    No download connection?

  21. Ugotmo says:

    I get a FC when I goto tools/currency or tools/unit converter

    htc evo

  22. qukui says:

    it’s a great app,very useful,very powerful!.thanks!

  23. Huang Xin says:

    I like it ,thanks !

  24. Tom says:

    I love handycalc. Is brilliant, however since the update the equals button has stopped working. Have tried reinstalling and no luck. am on a htc hero running cyanogen mod 7. Hopefully there is a simple fix as is such a great app.

  25. Nick says:

    This is possibly one of the most functional apps I’ve ever downloaded. It’s helped me so much in my college algebra course!

    It would be nice to see an absolute value function in the app though. It always helps me to be able to see an equation graphically, and I personally always get kinda tripped up on absolute value functions, so being able to graph them would be very helpful. 🙂

    All in all, awesome app! Even my college professor was impressed at it’s capability, especially for the price 😉

  26. MiranJ says:

    I have HTC Wildfire and i can not install the app.
    Is this device supported?

  27. roland says:

    Great application. I hope you find time to add hyperbolical functions and complex numbers, then Android finally have something that can beat TIemu on WM6.

  28. Cyb3rGlitch says:

    I would love it if you could give us an option to change the colour scheme to white. Black drains the battery faster on LCD screens.

  29. samsara69 says:

    Nice app. Works great on SGS.
    Possible to start it with currency converter?
    Many thanks

  30. samsara69 says:

    Sorry, forget my last message. I saw just now there’s handycurrency 😉

  31. handyCalc 0.44 | handyCalc

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