handyCalc 0.50

quick fix version 0.51 is released, honeycomb users can now upgrade to this version.

for those who have a Android 2.x pad like Dell Streak, if the keypad does not work, you can download v0.50. it’s the same feature as v0.51.

with Honeycomb support in landscape mode.

and new peypad.

and percentage %.

and factorial !


27 Responses to handyCalc 0.50

  1. Stan Borawski says:

    Major, big time, fatal error on Xoom. Continuous loop flipping the screen from portrait mode to landscape and back and will not respond to any key press. Uninstalled and restored previous ver .44.

  2. Jerry says:

    Now goes into a death loop changing screen orientation between portrait and landscape on Xoom running 3.1. Totally unusable now and locks up the device until you reboot.

  3. paulo says:

    Better version. but still no possible to digit the colon (:) on my galaxy s froyo

  4. Kevin Lee says:

    It works great on my “Desire HD” & Galaxy Tab”. but not for my new “HTC Flyer”. just show a blinking cursor without keyboard in a small screen.

  5. Trust says:

    Please do digit grouping feature.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for Honeycomb support.

  7. wp says:

    it is so great! thank you very much!

  8. rodin says:

    On my Nook Color, the screen fails to scale up. Running CM7.0.3/Gingerbread. How do you determine the screen size? Anything I can change in my build.prop to make it scale? Thanks!!!

  9. jerry says:

    x^8=10^8 will get answer sometimes 10 or -10?

  10. jerry says:

    handyCalcRawData:[{“type”:”char”,”text”:”π”},{“type”:”char”,”text”:”x”},{“type”:”char”,”text”:”=”},{“type”:”char”,”text”:”y”},{“type”:”char”,”text”:” “},{“type”:”char”,”text”:”3″},{“type”:”superscript”,”x”:{“type”:”char”,”text”:”2″}}]

    which is pi*x=y 3^2, when calc y, it answers y=pi(y 9)-9…

  11. jerry says:

    anyway, this is a good app.

  12. Pawel says:


    I love your app. I have a problem with decimal point in currency converter. I have Polish settings and in Poland we use coma instead of dot. If I use dot then calc will cut off everything after the dot. I cannot use the coma – your app won’t let me. If I use dot in unit converter or the calculator then everything works fine.

  13. htay says:

    after you do a conversion i.e 4234seconds to minutes, you get the answer “4234s^3……”. which isn’t really human readable. it should show “70.56666 minutes” or just 70.566666.

    Now I know that the answer is previewed i.e “70.5666 minutes” but in subsequent calculations you have to work with that funny “4234s3” because that is the value of ans.

    so “ans in hours” or “ans minutes in hours” doesn’t work.

    I think the easiest is if ans just took form of raw value. then I could go on to do “ans minutes to days”.

    Note: I’ve used a simplified example here but the actual calculation I was doing involved finding out how long it takes to download a 70mb file under a 64kbps connection.

  14. steve says:

    Great calculator. I’m using it as a software engineer & in fluid mechanics.
    Some nice features for me would be:
    1.fill my qHD Motorola Atrix screen @ 960×540
    2.the ability to fix to 10^3, 10^6….10^-3 etc and the numberability of dps like casio’s FIX,SCI &the NORM modes.

  15. steve says:

    …and 3.degrees, minutes & seconds.
    4.engineering notations m,k,M and perhaps some engineering constants
    5.more categories and more units in the unit convert section

    Thats about it.


  16. Viseguy says:

    Trying to run this on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. When I swipe the basic calculator keyboard, it switches to QWERTY; when I swipe again, it switches back to the basic calculator.

    Question: How do I get to the keyboard with trig and log functions and the “=” character?


  17. Trent Fingland says:

    Are there any plans to give handycalc the ability to create tables?

  18. Somebody says:

    On my EEE Pad Transformer running 3.2, it does not seem to be able to rotate with the pad, IOW it always stays in one orientation (even when its heads-down)

  19. TheBlackCat says:

    This is a great calculator, it has almost everything I need. There are currently only a few features I am missing:

    1. The ability to permanently store custom functions and constants for future use. Ideally we would be able to label them as well. I make extensive use of custom formulas for commonly-used operations. Currently functions are tied to particular documents, I would like to be able to set a function to be treated the same as the built-in function.
    2. Logarithmic axes (x and/or y) in plots. This is absolutely essential for people using a calculator for scientific or engineering purposes
    3. Complex number support. Once again, this is absolutely essential for people doing scientific and engineering. It currently gives an error if you try.
    4. The ability to use expressions as axis dimensions. For instance when plotting trigonometric functions, setting the x-axis dimensions to be a multiple of pi is very important. Ideally it would be smart enough to know that, for instance, if you make an axis as a multiple of pi, the steps in the axis should also be multiples of pi.

    Some other very useful but not critical capabilities:
    5. The ability to set tick step sizes in the axes, once again using expressions. Setting the tick step size is important, for instance, if you are using trigonometric functions where the important components are generally at multiple of 1/4 of the wavelength.
    6. If you add complex number support, adding plotting in the complex plane would also be nice. This is the basically the same as a polar plot with different notation, which is the same as a normal plot with the function to be plotted being fed through some trigonometric functions before plotting, so it should be possible to add it on top of the current plotting stack.
    7. Two-finger zooming, both on the main window and plots
    8. Basic calculus functions, including limit, derivatives, definite integrals, indefinite integrals, and areas and slopes of plots.
    9. The ability to create your own units, as a combination of existing units.
    10. 3D plotting

  20. Viseguy says:

    On a low-tech retro note, it would be nice to have the option of a traditional calculator tape display — scrollable, of course.

  21. I love this app! I had it on my old HTC but now I have an iPhone and I really miss HandyCalc Calculator.. I would be so happy if you could make it for iPhone too!
    – Ida / idaerkssn@hotmail.com

  22. George Rell says:

    first of all I want to thank you for creating such a great app.
    But I have huge problem which makes app unusable.
    Right after I install and run the app this red error message will appear:
    “handyCalc has reatored from a crash, send a bug report by email to help imrove handyCalc”.
    This message appear everytime i run the app. But that isnt my biggest problem.
    Problem is that I can’t use “=” button.
    Everytime I want to solve some equation or something and I click the equals button, nothing happen.
    The app just won’t do anything. I tried to turn off bug reports messages,
    I tried to turn off AVG antivirus protection, older versions, etc… Nothing worked. Maybe I doing something wrong or something.
    I’ve got LG Optimus One, Android version 2.3.3, handyCalc version 0.51.
    Can you guys please help me? This is realy great app for school usage. Thanks in advance
    P.S.: Excuse my English I’m not native speaker and I hope you’ll understand my problem.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love this app, i often find myself using this instead of my TI84 but there are some times that i simply must use the TI84 for my calculus class, Handycalc is suppose to be able to do derivatives and limits but i do not know how i am suppose to type it into Handycalc to use it, and i do not see a list of available functions anywhere.

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