handyCalc 0.52

It’s just a bug fixed version.

And it can run on Ice Cream Sandwich in emulator. So it should be ready for ICS.

If you are running on Android Pad, and your keypad does not work, try Menu -> Preferences -> Force Portrait.


8 Responses to handyCalc 0.52

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have always loved this app, but the last couple of versions do not work right on my asus transformer. I can’t find the trig functions at all.

    Please fix this, you have the best scientific calculator app period (save the last two versions), the other apps in the android market don’t even compare!

  2. zik says:

    A little improvement you might consider …

    1. Diff and integrate . First order will be fine , or better can do partial

    2. Able to change font size .. words look really big on my tablet and i wanna show more info

    3. Graph …you know its laggy , no auto scale , and no 3d…

  3. Claudio Passarella says:

    I notice the document can be stored.

    I have a couple of formula sets for calculation.

    QUESTION: is it possible to include comments (text) on any page? just for documenting what the document can do.

  4. Galaxy Tab Owner says:

    Great Calculator.
    It would be awsome to support the 600×1024 resolution(portrait mode) of the Galaxy tab.

    • Thomas says:

      Great app. Would also love to use it on my galaxy note. But resolution not supported.
      Would appreciate if this could be fixed soon.
      Thank you,

  5. Tony says:


    I try this app for few days and it’s to me the best calculator on android pad.
    Really powreful and well-thought. Congrats to the developers.

    However, there are few bugs on the transformer tablet :
    – Default screen orientation is paysage and need to go the preferences and restart the app each time you want to modify it.

    – As Anonymous said, there is no trigo functions on the virtual keyboard. Everytime it displays a full qwerty board with numeric pad. independently of the screen orientation.
    We could type every function directly as Zik replied, but there is less efficiency and productivity then.

    Those two do not make the app unusable. But if you fix it that will make it even more perfect.

    One more time, congratulations for you work.

  6. Ranchu says:

    What an amazing app! I have immediately replaced the built-in calculator by this in my phone. Thx for developing such a great tools for us.
    Besides, I have some minor suggestions that I think would be useful to make the program better.
    1. A cube button may be added. Also for cubic root.
    2. A cubic equation may be solved by using Cardano Equation and give out all the three roots as the cubic rquation is also quite frequently used in engineering.

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