handyCalc 0.53

the new version came with some new stuff:

1. support big screen with high resolution, such as Samsung Galaxy Note.

2. cubic and cubic root on keypad (press shift first).


3. engineering notation available in preferences.


4. copy answer in menu->edit.


5. improved bracket input. it is now more intelligent. try to input “(1/2)” with no escape. the bracket will be closed.

49 Responses to handyCalc 0.53

  1. hirak99 says:

    This is great… thanks! Only two more things –

    1. Can I enter a ratio unit like “5km/h” for conversion? It definitely supports conversion to such units, but I can’t figure out how I can type it in since ‘/’ changes the input into numerator & denominator.

    2. Is there a way to delete a page?

  2. Michael says:

    Calculator is cool but calculation limit is 10^18:

    My device:
    Tablet Digma iDx10 (proc. type ARM7?)
    FW Android 2.3.4

    This limit is hardware limit/bug/…, isn’t it? Or what?

    • handycalc says:

      i don’t have this issue on my phone. maybe you can try to change the number format settings.

      • Michael says:

        The number format settings are setting exactly number format and precision.
        For ANY! y>18

        Device No2:
        Samsung Galaxy SII (proc. is the same – ARM7 type, Android is the same – 2.3.4 – with slightly fresh kernel).
        Calculation result is the same:
        for ANY! y>18

        AHA!!! (10^18)*(10^18)=1.000000E+36

        9223372036854775807 is not CALCULATION limit,
        9223372036854775807 is OPERAND limit!

        Who is fault?

        Best regards,

      • Michael says:

        handycalc is fault. ARM7 & Android aren’t fault.
        Why? Standard Samsung Calculator on SGSII:

      • Michael says:


        9223372036854775807 – limit of calculation exactly x^y
        but no operand limit.

        Author, please correct this annoying bug.

  3. David says:

    Very nice app. it will be easier to read big numbers if you could have the hability to format them.
    For example:
    12.345.678,789 much easier to read. Isnt it?

  4. worlebird says:

    How do I make the “Draw Graph” text come up after I enter an equation? For example, I put in (x+y)^2=1, but all I get is “solve equations about y,x”, which it can’t actually do.
    I should get a “Draw Graph” option, which should draw two parallel lines.
    The problem seems to be that it can’t graph anything that is not solved as a function of y..

  5. Michael says:

    but what about x^y limit?

  6. Erik says:

    Drawing the functions y=cos(x) or y=sin(x) gives me really weird graphs. For example, sin(x) should have the points (0,0)(3.14,1)(6.28,0), but instead the first part of the graph shows me (0,0)(90,1)(180,0). However when I enter a=sin(2*pi) it gives me a=0. It seems like Radians and Degrees are mixed up, graphs use degree but calculations use radians. I have the setting set to radians.

  7. Atomkinder says:

    Now, I love this program, but I have two small requests:

    1) Delete singe pages. Many times I find myself frustrated that I have a few equations that I’d like to keep together, and a bunch of secondary pages that I’ve used for small calculations, like converting decimal degrees to DMS, which leads me to my next request…

    2) Conversion to D° M’ S” from decimal Degrees (IE 50.7514° to 50° 45′ 5.04″) and vice versa. I have to use this all the time and flipping between calculators isn’t a very fun proposition.

    Thanks for all your work!

  8. just one guy says:

    Thanks for handyCalc, i think it is the best calculator for android, specially since last update.

    To some of the good suggestions above, I would add:

    – Get rid of the title bar. screen real state is particularly scarce in a calculator… (title bars are pointless, regardless OS)

    – Flexible layout: like adding one row of keys on top, or remove it, change keys position, shape, colour…
    then it would be the calculator everyone use. everyone would be able to replicate the layout they got used to on their computer keyboards or school calculators. that would be certainly awesome


  9. gamingchamp says:

    LOVEI T LOVE YOULL! create a pc version too pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    thank you for handycalc!
    I use it on a tablet (Lenovo) . On the big screen both keypads (characters and numbers) can be seen.
    But there its no shift-key on the numeric keypad, so I can’t access the trigonometric functions. (Not a big problem, I can type them)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bugs on HTC One X, Android 4.0.3:
    – only 2 keypads accessible (numbers & letters). So i’m not able to solve equotations because the “small =” is not available
    – force landscape mode doesn’t work, only in menu.

    • Anonymous says:

      ok, 3rd keypad is available via “shift” on numbers, sry 😉 But Landscape doesn’t work.

  12. Jyothis says:

    Please make it open source!

  13. Christian CORBEAU says:

    Thank you for this very nice math tool
    l use it on Galaxy Note
    Font for key and graph are very small
    May you increase it or give some choice in preference ?

    kind Regards

  14. Anonymous says:

    The mobie version is awsome but you destroyed the tablet version. Were are the mathematic expressions? It takes forever to input them via the keyboard!

  15. Gourmet says:


    • handycalc says:

      menu, edit, delete page

      • Gourmet says:

        I do not have entry “delete page” in menu/edit. Version 0.53.

      • Gourmet says:

        Can you send me apk with this option to email? I don’t have it. Installed from Market.

      • Sergey says:

        STRONGLY NEEDED handyCalc with page delete option! I have couple documents with formulas at 4-5 pages and about 50 empty pages. I have leaf through them or use page jump. And after some actions new pages appear themselves. WHERE CAN I TAKE THIS PROGRAM WITH PAGE DELETE OPTION? I have installed it from Google Play Market.

      • Cody says:

        Just as a FYI, I don’t think typing in all caps will make it happen any quicker…

        As for the questions, I don’t have that option either. I also have another question though: Is there any way I can force it into landscape mode? As an engineer I have some long equations, and they go off the display in portrait. I have tried enabling and disabling in the menu, with no avail. I am running ICS on Motorola Atrix 2.

  16. lostarray says:

    I love this application. Could you publish an ios version?

  17. Anonymous says:

    In Spain we use “,” (coma) as decimal separator, but in currency converter the virtual keyboard doesn’t allow me to press it. If I use “.” (point) HandyCalc says is not a valid number format. In other modules (unit conversion or calculator it works).

    I have a suggestion: it will be nice to have a mode where buttons are way bigger for easy input on simple calculations (+, -, * and /).

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the problem with the point and the comma for decimals as well. Also a feature I like to propose: having the ability to let the app open a new page when it is first opened. What happens now:I’m on page 5/20,close the app, don’t open in for a month and reboot the phone multiple times, then when I need to make a calculation I open the app and I’m still on page 5! This makes it harder to do a quick calculation, as I have to swipe all the way to page 21, or go to menu>documents >new

  18. Sergey says:

    sadly spectacle… no even one update during entire year, all bug reports ignored 😦

  19. infelizmente essa versão não me agradou muito. apenas por não estar disponível os sinais matematicos : ( ^ ) ( π ) ( = ) entre outros…
    vocês poderiam tomar exemplo do teclado SwiftKey, onde o teclado é qwert, e tem números,sinais,pontos,espaço entre outros muito acessível. (não estou criticando seu trabalho, porque mesmo com esses erros graves de não ter os sinais necessarios o app ainda é o melhor que eu já usei

  20. gusterrapolis says:

    Please add factorization.
    Thanks in advance.
    Like this for example:

  21. none2003 says:

    The arrows for switching pages being displayed incorrectly here, is it caused by the high resolution 1280*720 of phone?

  22. a friend recommend this to me, glad he did

  23. niyaz says:

    guuuuyz, really need this at wp8…:(

  24. Handycalc Fan says:


  25. yy says:

    There’s a bug in the newest release.The
    denominator of the fraction in the second row or backwards cannot be edited.

  26. NGonka says:

    It is a nice little tool. But a big improvement would be to add some arrowkeys to move the cursor. Often it is hard tip on the right place when you want to change some values. On Tabletts often the Fontsize is to small to tap on the right place.

  27. basementdave says:

    Great calculator. But everytime I open it I get a message to upgrade from 5.3 version to 5.3 version ??? With a 10 second countdown. When I try it just directs me to the same app on play store. I can cancel the message after the 10 seconds have elapsed and use the calculator but it’s a bit annoying. Can you fix please ?

  28. basementdave says:

    Sorry. I meant version 0.56 to 0.56

  29. Anonymous says:

    Please provide windows phone 8.1 version and support.

  30. […] sound little spectacular at the first glance, but don’t let that first impression deceive you! HandyCalc is much more than a mere gimmick for lazy adders and multipliers: It solves whole systems of […]

  31. jordan says:

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  33. furryside says:

    Currency update no longer works as of beginning of November 2017.
    If you are still supporting your excellent app could you please fix it.

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