handyCalc is first be designed a symbolic calculate system to handle some complicated mathematica features. You can:

Solve equations

The most common situation is solve one equation with one symbol. For example, x+1=2. Of course you know what x is. So let’s try something.


Notice that there is a equals inside that expression. Don’t press your big equals button on your keypad. Flip to the next keypad and there is a smaller equals.


There are two equals on your second keypad. They are different. The big one means “Solve it and give me the answer”. While the smaller one is the real equals. It gives you a “=” on your input. And that is essential to solve equations.

Now after you input your equation, just press the big equals button. The result will be shown directly.

Try another.


This equation is more complicated than the first one. handyCalc use a method based on Newton method to find it’s root (since v0.3). But as you see, there is a chance that some roots are left behind. In such cases, you can just click the “Show graph and explicit root area” and aim at the cross point of two graphs as shown below. handyCalc will find the most nearest root as you give.


Okay, now let’s try some equation sets.


Notice you have three lines, each line contains one equation. Goto a newline by press the return button on the second keypad or return key on your keyboard. And again, when you finish input, press the equals to solve it.


Variable is a symbol that you store a value in it. Like the [M+] function on most calculators. The “ans” mentioned in Basic tutorial is a variable, too.

With variables, you can do a lot of things in an easier way.


It’s the Einstein’s famous formula. The first line define the variable m, and the second line define the variable c. c is a constant of light speed in m/s. You probably do not change it. m is the mess. Each time I want to change the mess, I just have to go to the first line, and change it instead of change the formula in the third line. Notice that there is a forth line with a single symbol E. that means just output the E as the answer. Of course you can delete it, but the handyCalc will output every single variable you have defined which is not what you want at this time.

The variable will be existed even you flip to the next page or a previous page. But how to remove that variable? Two ways, you can go to the Document menu and press [New], and you get a new document. And you can go to the Tools menu and press [Variable & Function].


And you have all your variables.


The [x] icon on the rightside means it’s a variable, and the F(x) icon means it’s a function you defined.


You can define your own functions. It’s similar with define a variable. Let’s try it.


It’s a physics formula which calculate the speed when an object fall from h meters height and hit the ground. The g(gravity)=9.8, and V(3) give you the speed when it’s fall from 3 meters height.

And now you have the V(h) function, and you have the acceleration(g=9.8). You can make a T(h) function which calculate how many time it takes to fall to the ground from h meters height.


Simple and powerful, isn’t it.


Graph is easy in handyCalc. Just type your expression and there will be a [Draw graph] below.


Press it and the graph is shown. It maybe a bit small in the first time to plot more areas of the graph. You can zoom in (just click the graph or the zoom in button)  to make the graph clear and drag the graph to navigate as you wish.


Also, you can plot multi-graph in one time. Just input multi-line expressions and the graph will be shown in different colors.


NOTICE: when graphing, handyCalc needs a lot of calculation which will slow down your handset.

<- Go to the basic input and calculation

Go to the useful tricks (such as unit convert, statistics, etc) ->

63 Responses to Advanced

  1. Donald says:

    how do you calculate percent???

  2. […] handyCalc must be very clear uptill now but if in case it is not clear you can visit the following video tutorial for any further assistance. Download handyCalc by author | Categories: mobile apps | […]

  3. hugo says:

    How do you put factorios?

  4. Joe Iriarte says:

    Can I set the color of the plotted graph? If I plot just one function, it’s showing up as white, and I can’t figure out how to change that. I would prefer white not be used, because I find it harder to pick up.

    (Terrific Ap, by the way.)

  5. Wey says:

    This is one of the best apps I’ve downloaded for Android. I have a couple questions.

    There is some way to make aritmetic operations in other bases than base 10 (decimal)? For example binary hexadecimal or octal bases? There is the possibilty to convert two’s complement binary numbers to decimal?

    Ty very much! Greetings from Spain!

  6. Larger says:

    I was wondering if there was any way to display certain stages of the solve-process. E.g. if I had two equations “x+y=10” and “x-y=4”, that it would display “10-2y=4” and “-2y=6” or so as pre-stages to the final solution.
    Also, can I derive?

  7. Emre Burhan says:

    Thanks for the awesome application.

    I have an equation in form a.x^2+bx+c=0. Handycalc solves it for me, finding x1 and x2. On next page, Ans variable holds value of x1. Which variable holds x2?

    • Ferran says:

      I suppose “x(sub)2”. You can type “x(sub)2” using the “subindex” key in the letter keyboard (on the bottom left corner).

  8. fl0x says:

    Very cool app! Thank you!!

  9. israel says:

    This is an awesome app! Your UI skills are very good.

    Does this do Fourier transforms? Derivatives? Integrals?

    If not, I might be willing to volunteer to write the functions that do these things.

  10. schlomo says:

    What about modulo and factorial calculation?
    But still great App!

    Thank you!

  11. Brad says:

    This is the best app ever! My calculator broke so I went to the store to get a new one only to find that the one I needed for my class was almost $150. I called a friend and she found this on google search. I got it right away and it is Awesome! One question. is there a way to clear the saved documents and draft documents? THanks for the hard work. Where can I donate to the development of this app?

    • Ferran says:


      Click “Menu”, select “Documents” and “Open” and there click-and-hold on the document you want to delete: a menu will pop up.

  12. XVilka says:

    Great app and very useful ui!
    So if you can add support for CAS (like yacas – – please, add – all needed symbolic computations are include and more. For sample on iPhone –
    If you interested for this – you may visit
    Or e-mail me.

  13. Andrew says:

    Hi I need a factorial function. I could probably write it myself if i had the source. Though this isn’t open source, and it’s your right not too. Though have you considered fun raiser to make some dosh for you and when you reach the limit you release it open source(blender i think did this). Or i could just pay for the feature.

  14. David says:

    Needs a GCF button. If this thing could figure out the GCF and factor out the GCF it would be perfect!!! Also does anyone know if it can do percents?

  15. remo says:

    this is a supremely impressive application, and the coding effort surely looks like 35k+ of Java. the sheer amount of UI polish and functionality alone makes this a clear winner. I’m at a loss as to how this didn’t win ADC, because I don’t use any other calculator, plotter, or unit converter. The fact that I can build a small library of functions to solve something just blows me away.

    If you don’t open-source it, I’d love to help on the project anyway. I’d especially like to port it to Maemo/Meego and get it on my n900.

  16. steve says:

    This is a Great app! Now if you can code it to do integration and differentiation, I will love you!

  17. SEO Aachen says:

    This app is really useful! i like it. Only the structure of the keys could be better.

  18. Jann0 says:

    i cant enter X on HTC Desire – i don’t have ext keyboard there!

    br, Janno

  19. handycalc fan says:

    Your app is the best calculator I’ve seen. Would be great if you changed it to open source.

    P.S: can you please add touch screen support?

  20. Christian says:

    Very good! But how can it not graph points?

  21. Joe says:

    Can you place a comment at the top of a custom formula so I can name them?

  22. Alain says:

    It is great to define functions and variables, but how can I write letters on my samsung Galaxy (no hard keyboard)?
    Can you add a button to call the virtual keyboard

  23. Shane says:

    This is a great graph, but how do I find intercepts sort of zooming in and in?

  24. Martin Wolf says:

    Simple question: what does the green light on the ‘shift’ button do, on the numeric keypad? On the alphabetic keypad it shifts to capitals obviously, but on the numeric keypad it doesn’t seem to do anything?

  25. Martin Wolf says:

    Never mind, I figured it out: when the green light is on, the extra keypad (with sin, log, x/y/z, pi etc) is locked into place so that it doesn’t fall back to the numeric pad after every key.

  26. Matteo says:

    We need a virtual keyboard with Letters (See Arity calculator)

    • Ferran says:

      It’s there. Drag your keyboard to the right or to the left with a fast move.

      • Guiyom69 says:

        I did not find that and it was driving me crazy… I think you should add it in the tutorial because this message is the only way to find out. Even your videos do not show how to write letters so I think it is really necessary.

      • skgtheblij says:

        Second what Guiyom69 says. This was my favorite calculator (truly awesome) on my phone with a slideout keyboard. But when there is no slideout keyboard (B&N Nook) it’s not apparent how to type letters.

        Awesome app though, definitely one of my favorites

  27. Ferran says:

    This calculator is awesome.

    I only miss something. It’s a bit difficult to define variables and functions because the letters, equal sign and brackets are in different places. So typing “f(x,y)=x^y” takes a long time.

    I know it is difficult to put so many keys in a small screen but maybe you can find a better layout. You may (it’s an idea) put the characters “=()” also in the letter keyboard, since they are likely to be typed together with letters. This way, typing “f(x,y)=” would be much faster.

    Thank you very much for this incredible program!

  28. Roberto says:

    1) Can Handycalc handle Complex numbers?
    2) Base conversions: Hex-Dec-Bin-oct?

  29. Guiyom69 says:

    I suggest you add math caracters such as alpha, beta, gamma, etc.
    It would be really useful for some equations.

    congratulations for the rest 🙂

  30. Guiyom69 says:

    I wrote several equations but HandyCalc does not show the “solve it” button.
    Any solution?

  31. jos van der lans says:

    I can calculate 3^3 = 27, but how can I calculate the opposite way? Not the square root but (I don’t know enough English) the root with a tiny cipher 3. Anyway, I mean some kind of root that with 27 behind it, gives as the answer : 3?
    Thanks for answering this!

  32. jos van der lans says:

    Thanks, Joe Iriarte, for this quick help!

  33. Jon says:

    I love your app. It is amazing, however, there is one thing that I would love for you to add in. When you are performing a graphing function, there are no grid lines on the graph. I would be wonderful to have to option to insert gridlines at your lesiure.

  34. Glyn says:

    “ans” gets interpreted as “a times b times s” in most situations, for example, when I try to find the square root of ans. Is there anything I can do about that?

  35. mcgav says:

    How do u input cosh.

  36. Profett says:

    What I have not understood is how to solve one equation with 2 or more variables. For instance value added tax. the formula is M=0,19*N. M is the tax and N is the net price withou tax. I want to be able to calculate M with a given N and I want also calculate N with a given N. How is this done?
    A second question- is it possible to name the variable “TAX”? handycalc makes 3 variables out of it.

  37. Marcus says:

    Best calculator ever!
    Can you please make it support gradians (GRAD)?
    Greetings from Sweden 🙂

  38. Elrohir says:

    Great App, best scientific calculator for android and I have been trying out a lot.

    But still, as physicist, I’m missing some features:
    – greek alphabet: alpha, beta, gamma for angles, lambda, mu, nu for physical values would be great.
    – cursor arrows. Sometime it’s hard to navigate the cursor with fingers, esp. if you want to insert something at the beginning of the line
    – phyical constants: a page which defines constants and allows to copy and past its symbols
    – a way to calculate a table: like “vary x from 0 to 10 by stepsize .1 an print out f(x)”

    Thanks for your app!

  39. Anonymous says:

    multi task n refreshing.. all bout life is mesure n depending on math.. bills, clothing, cooking, taking.. IS bout numbes all d time.. in need of an assistant, to help me cary my trowing away money.. lol..

  40. Anonymous says:

    but, Hot dogs, still can get to use it before i dowload!! got t make sure calculate from d moment I look n scan as soon I look a product n wonder to have it.. aaaaawwww , need a smart geek brain: to handle d idea of force powr, i mean my thoughts can ask to d PC before I said so.. I will program d gadget acording d buyer n the retaler, scan a face pic n some of d mental capacity of d buyer to match the MC”memory card” n respond so faster like1-2-3 ago.. d shiit like smart compu.0r like Samsung smart TV.. n now U can takl to them MF>>> . lol.. I got a car w a sistem that I can call crank d car n is done..d funny part nobody cant drive , cuz won’t respond to nobody else.. neither as a guess.. very good but trouble on a 911 status.. so I can leave my web anywhere n wont go nowher. same can have too much coktails, haaaa, my voice not d same, so houston yes we got dificulties.. so 1 that will know all ur vocal notes, in all situations, if u know what i mean;)))))))

  41. Nigel62 says:

    Excellent app,
    If I could make a few suggestions:

    the ability to use alpha suffices to variables in both lower & upper case (eg Vp, Vd, vD, vR, iD, Tax)

    Also persistent variables documents, where the document has a variables page where all the variables are declared and assigned values (where appropriate), with the following pages having different equations based on those variables

    • Anonymous says:

      OK just discovered that if you enter V_D you get a variable, V, with a suffix of D

      • Anonymous says:

        is there a way of defining which variable is ans ?
        It solves equations OK but ans always seems to be the 1st variable encountered in a formula.

    • nigel62 says:

      OK so I feel a bit of a numbty as this works almost as per the suggestions I made (Sorry mmin, should have played with it a bit more before commenting), anyway I guess this makes HandyCalc even better than I had already thought it was.

      A question though on document handling.
      It seems to be that when you same a document any changes made are automatically written to the document, and should you try saving the document it only seems to rename it.

      It seems to me that it might be better if it worked more like a file manager, so you could write a template for say ‘Quadratic Eqn’, then open do the specific calculation without affecting the original document, and save to a new document if required (like you would with a spreadsheet for example)

      Finally, it would be handy to see instances of the small ‘=’ sign on every keyboard layout, as it becomes a bit long winded having to switch keyboard layouts all the time.

      Having said that, many thanks to mmin for sharing this great app with the community

  42. Jimmy the Greek says:

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this. This is amazing, it saves me so much time !

  43. - says:

    This website is great. I like it.(

  44. samuel says:

    Thank you. this is a great software.

  45. Anonymous says:

    this app might be useful. hard to tell. nothing intuitive (at least to me) and just about the WORST excuse for help i’ve ever seen.

  46. hurmazd-t says:

    this is a great app. but why don’t it has complex numbers?!

  47. mauro says:

    it’a a fantastic calculator, but I would know how to elevate a number or a variable to a number different then 2 or a function more or less complicated…
    Thank you

  48. Excellent go through, this information has
    most pieces taken care of and discussed.

  49. chenliming says:

    (16^(1/3))-2*(2^(1/3)) = 0 , but handyCalc calculation is not zero

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