Open AndroidMarket, you can find it in Productivity category. Or you can search “handyCalc” and install it.

Also there is a download link:

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  1. Dan says:


    I Have a HTC Wildfire (Android 2.1, with Virgin Mob in the UK) and this App does not show up in the Market Place. I am also not able to install it from a site such as Appbrain (I get a “Not found” error when I try to install it).

    I don’t know if the problem is a comparability one or an Android Market one but if you could make it available for the HTC Wildfire that would be great.


    • abhimanyu says:

      hey ,
      install htc sync from the htc website , then download the apk from the link and click on install app in htc sync and select the location of the apk.

  2. NNN says:


  3. Gian Mario Benetti says:

    I have a Sony Ericsson XPeria X10 Mini (Android 2.1 Italian) and this App does not show up in the Market Place. How Can I install this wonderful calc in my SmartPhone? Can you Help me please?

    thank you very much


    Gian Mario Benetti

  4. Mendle says:

    Will you create an iPhone version?

  5. Lars Krogh says:

    iPhone version???

  6. Jaikrishna says:

    Hi, I’ve to just say that this is a really great and rocking app.
    But unfortunately, I was unable to install it via Market. It says not compatible. However, I downloaded the apk and installed it with no issues. Please fix the issue. Best wishes to continue this product.

  7. dean huber says:

    Been using for 6 months great calc. Just updated to .51 and now there is no numberic key pad, comes up in landscape mode, won’t go to vertical. The only key pad that comes up is the function keypad. Can’t use now since update 6/4/2011. Using Dell Streak 5″ froyo 2.2. Worked great til upgrade. Give me my working handycalc back please. Need it.
    Dean H

  8. Dima says:

    It would be great if handycalc could solve definite and indefinite integral.

  9. Zvika says:

    It looks a great calculator, just installed it on my Galaxy S
    Do you have a downloadable user manual?

  10. Samuel says:

    Hi…Can I put this wonderful calculator in my iphone 4? I try to found it in App store, but I didn’t found it. Tks

  11. Alex says:

    Is it going to be fixed for wvga (800 x 480) devices? Otherwise the formula screen is to small.

  12. pramod says:

    its awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I use an Android machine (Samsung Galaxy S)
    the handycalc version that I installed some two months ago doesn’t do much. I tried to send a question and didn’t recieve an answer.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s the best calculator that I have seen.I use a lot on my HTC phone.but It cannot be install on my ipad ,WTF!!!

  15. George Rell says:

    first of all I want to thank you for creating such a great app.
    But I have huge problem which makes app unusable.
    Right after I install and run the app this red error message will appear:
    “handyCalc has reatored from a crash, send a bug report by email to help imrove handyCalc”.
    This message appear everytime i run the app. But that isnt my biggest problem.
    Problem is that I can’t use “=” button.
    Everytime I want to solve some equation or something and I click the equals button, nothing happen.
    The app just won’t do anything. I tried to turn off bug reports messages,
    I tried to turn off AVG antivirus protection, older versions, etc… Nothing worked. Maybe I doing something wrong or something.
    I’ve got LG Optimus One, Android version 2.3.3, handyCalc version 0.51.
    Can you guys please help me? This is realy great app for school usage. Thanks in advance

    • BlahaK says:

      Hi, George, please, tap on the red crash message and open whole text within e-mail client.
      Is your problem same as mine? Thanks. Kamil

      ***handyCalc 17(0.51) exception stack trace***

      android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: attempt to write a readonly database
      at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase.dbopen(Native Method)
      at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase.(
      at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(
      at org.mmin.handyconverter.UnitDBHelper.(
      at org.mmin.handycalc.HandyCalc.unitHelper(
      at org.mmin.handycalc.sense.UnitConvertSense.register(
      at org.mmin.handycalc.HandyCalc$6.onEvent(
      at org.mmin.handycalc.sense.EventHandler.onEvent(
      at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
      at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
      at android.os.Looper.loop(
      at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
      at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
      at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Force quits on sgs2 – I tried both 0.50 and 0.51, Android version 2.3.3. Is it because the data network is turned off?

  17. BlahaK says:

    Hi, I have the same problem as George Rell. handyCalc 0.41 and 0.51 shows bug report and solving does not work – I have sent you the crash report via e-mail yestarday.
    I have LG Optimus One, A2.3.3, 70MB free space for apps and 250MB free RAM.
    I tried to install backuped versions and Market version – all are the same. On A2.2 I used this calc very often, but after upgrade in July I have not used this app until yestarday, so the problem could be from July.
    Can you help us?

    • BlahaK says:

      The handyCalc app fully crash when I select Tools/”Currency converter” or Some item within “Unit converter” list!

      I used Root Explorer, opened /data/data/org.mmin.handycalc folder and saw that right seems to be OK.

      When I add new documents, the handycalc.db works and T1, T2, T3 etc tables with lines are stored (1 line for every page within document/T-table).

      So, where is the problem? What other database handyCalc wants to write?

  18. the post is the as a matter of fact gracious undivided. Thank for partitioning such great low-down out. Ill deff be comming by more frequently so i an observe whats new!

  19. Gabriel R. says:

    Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing work.
    10 stars out of 10.

  20. vil says:

    make such a perfect thing on iphone pls. It will be the greatest day

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hello, this is a truly amazing calculator and I’ve been using it about two years on my desire without a problem.

    Now I’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Note and unfortunately it doesn’t scale right. I’ve got big black boarders around, it doesn’t fit the screen. The note has a resolution of 1280*800 pixels.

    I thought I would just use another calculator instead, but there isn’t a single other that’s worth using.

    Therefore I would be very thankful if you could look into that sometime!


    • Anonymous says:

      +1 to the problems with the Galaxy Note and +1 to the lack of alternatives. A fix would be much appreciated!

      • schmidtpunkt says:

        Form galaxy note support 🙂

        This calculator is really outstanding! There’s no single one which can reach this!

    • jonesses says:

      Hello there, any updates on this? I imagine now, that there are a few phones out with higher resolution, it would be a good time to look into this. Everything else is working fine. 😉

  22. elvis says:

    I feel its great to use this soft ware

  23. farzad says:

    hi, pls add degres, min, sec
    function in your best calculator!
    the picture of this func. in sincfic calc is like this
    ° ‘ ”

  24. Anonymous says:

    i am not able to flip to the keypad with sin, cos, … there is only the one with the numbers and that with the letters.
    htc wildfire s and handycalc 0.52

    would be grateful for help!

  25. Michel Merlin says:

    Division in parentheses BUG
    In HandyCalc 0.52 on a Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 (Android 2.3.6):

    (1) 8×2 = 16
    (2) (8×2) = 16
    (3) 8/2 = 4
    (4) (8/2) = “missing value”

    Versailles, Sat 28 Jan 2012 22:34:00 +0100

  26. jrc says:

    Downloaded the .apk to Amazon Kindle Fire/downloads. Tapped it twice (in file mgr) to install. But when opened, it says “Expired”. I hit ‘OK’, then says “your search for org.mmin.handycalc did not match any results. Please search again or check out our Categories”

    Every time. Cannot get it to work on Kindle Fire. Do I give up?

  27. jrc says:

    Apparently the app designer is not interested in answering the numerous problem reports, such as mine just above, making the calculator useless. Too bad, it looks nice if it actually did anything at all.

  28. Pablo says:

    Any idea why I cannot locate handyCalc on GooglePlay (ex Market)?

    From my Samsung GT-B5010 with Android 2.3.5, Spanish locale, Argentinean carrier Movistar it only shows handyConverter and handyCurrency, and a shady app called “HanDy Calc”.

    Regards and thanks for such a useful app!

  29. Chris says:

    I would also be very happy to have it solve definite and indefinite integrals, but that is a lot of work for a free app, so anybody who needs it, could use another calculator that’s able to do it…

    But what i quite miss, is nPr and nCr…
    As you’ve added factorials, why not make nPr and nCr available too? It’s just one formula each, that has to be assigned to the button.
    It’s really a pain in the ass, to type the whole formula everytime if you want to calculate possibilities. I would suggest renaming the factorial button to PRB or something and let it do a popup that show factorial, nPr, and nCr.
    But as you have no popups in buttons, i guess it wouldn’t quite match the pattern.

    So long, really great app and I appreciate it’s free, so everyody can enjoy proper maths! Gotta donate…

    Greetz, Chris

  30. cyanotrix says:

    just commented to say thanks! just for the fact that you guys are giving it for free! does a lot of help for us students preparing for exams. 😀

  31. i would love a version of this for my pc. but the phone version is great

  32. dxzfsdf efdgf says:


  33. JHightower says:

    Any word on getting this to work on Kindle Fire? I downloaded it but get a cannot open error each time.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful calculator, best calculator app ever for students but are you ever going to make an iPhone version??

  35. Alán says:

    And Windows Phone 7.8 version? Is the best calculator and i want it for my Lumia please

  36. Anonymous says:

    it’s better if you have chinese language,i love this app,it’s very good! but we need chinese~

  37. nc says:

    it’s better if you have chinese language,i love this app,it’s very good! but we need chinese~

  38. Anonymous says:

    please provide support on wp8.1

  39. chenliming says:

    when I make the sum of numbers, the software will be very slow to reply to me.
    For exameple I type in”41+56+120+56+45+89+78+12+56+74+63+120+230+45+96+46+47+89+56+44″, whnen I want type others values,the software stuck.I think you must not set the software calculating in time

  40. Shahrokh Shahriary says:

    Pleas do update.that work in horizontal and doing copy paste.and ….
    It’s super app and need do update

  41. Shahrokh Shahriary says:

    If i want use long divide,i can not correct mistake and jast see it.

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