Calculators are not always be used to solve mathematica problems. Handycalc has designed some tricks that might be useful:

All these tricks is some simple input and does not need to launch any other programs.

Currency convert

Try to input as follows:


Notice the first tip has changed to a currency convert. You can press it and get the following result:


handyCalc shows the two currency with two big flag. Simple and clear, isn’t it?

And it also shows the last update date of the currency exchange rate. The currency exchange rate is updated from the ECB: European Central Bank.

If you provide only one currency, handyCalc will open the currency list and let you select from them.



Tip: You can input your currency name (first character or the full name) and handyCalc will search it for you.

In the Currency Converter, you can also update the currency exchange rate from ECB if you are online:


Unit convert

Unit convert is the same as currency convert. Try to input as follows:


And if you provide only one unit, a unit list will be opened to let you select.

You can also goto the Tools menu and press [Unit Converter] and open a full listed unit converter.


Time calculate



There are many formats you can present a time:

  • today
  • now
  • Apr 14, 2008
  • Apr 14, 2008 20:00
  • Apr 14, 2008 8:00 pm
  • 20080414 20:00:00
  • 30 years 5 months
  • 7 days 10 hours 45 seconds
  • 7 days 10 hr 45 sec

combine them with plus or minus.


Statistics is a simple function when you plus many numbers together:


Variable & Function preview

The variable & function preview does not require to input anything. Just move your selection (the blink line in your input box) beside the variable or function, and the preview is shown below.




You can input certain word to launch something. For example, input “zoom” and there is a “Zoom tuner” tip shown bellow. You can press it and adjust the zoom.


There are certain functions with certain words you can press:

  • Zoom: zoom, zoom in, zoom out, zoom+, zoom-
  • Preferences: prefs, preferences
  • Document: new, open save, documents
  • Currency convert: currency, currency convert, convert currency
  • Unit convert: unit, unit convert, Length, Speed, Volume, Mass, weight, Temperature, Pressure, Force, Energy, Power, Time, Luminance, ect.

<- Go to the basic input and calculation

<- Go to the advanced mathematica calculation tutorial (such as solve equations, define functions)

57 Responses to Tricks

  1. Axle says:

    Is there any way to add other currencies? In particular, I was trying to convert Peruvian Soles, which I would normally go to to get rates for.

  2. gavin hurley says:

    The statistics calculations are pretty cool but I’m troubled by the fact that with the sample above (329.13+482.34+234+312+124+342+366.36) the standard deviation is listed as 273.107 whereas in fact it should be 111.4954.

  3. mmin says:

    @gavin hurley:
    the bug has already been fixed in the latest handyCalc release. you can get it in the AndroidMarket.

  4. gohts says:

    where are the files saved?
    can i use a text editor to type the formula and use handycalc to give the solution.

    by the way awesome program.

  5. isaac says:

    now i understand handy calc is able to solve derivatives but is it able to solve intergals?

  6. michael says:

    A very good tool.
    The next thing, you could add is a way to calculate with matrixes.

  7. This is a great tool. The ability to perform trig and logarithmic calculations is very useful.

    I tried to figure out a way to get it to graph a piecewise function the other day and I couldn’t get it. Is there a way?

    I even tried the method I used to use on the TI-82s in High School, which is to use:


    The = 2.

    Its not a feature I’d use everyday but the one time I wanted it it sure would have been nice.

    Thanks again!

  8. Uh…WP chunked a paragraph thinking it was html.

    It should say (operators converted to words…):
    The less-than operator evaluates to either 1 or 0 on the calculators, so f becomes undefined when x is greater than or equal to 2.

  9. bilobi says:

    Hi mmin.

    Great product!

    handyCalc 0.40 on Android 1.5 does not evaluate actual time part if function now is called more than once in a sequence.

    Thank you.

  10. Paul says:

    Cannot enter an alphabet in HEX input when using unit convert

  11. Ling says:

    I have the same issue with hex to decimal conversion. Cannot enter an alphabet for hex.

    This is a GREAT app, btw!

    • Loren Amelang says:

      The “Programming” conversion section seems to work now.

      Typing “234C hex in dec” in the regular calc window draws the correct “preview” value, but “Solve it!” evaluates it as something I totally don’t understand. And if you try to follow a hex letter with a hex number, the number becomes a subscript and the preview goes away. Dec in Hex conversion doesn’t have this problem.

  12. Matthew says:


    Can anyone tell how to keyin a colon to calculate in the time difference?

    Thanks in adv.

    • Henry says:

      After commenting, I discovered a way to do it (but not the best): hold down the “menu” button to pop up your standard keyboard input (as well as the handycalc one). Takes up almost all the screen, but does allow you to enter colons!

  13. Angel says:

    A very useful app. I use it almost everyday at the University.
    I’ll do a couple suggestions:
    – Keyboard: a sound when any key is pressed would be very helpful
    – Functions: I miss a factorial key and a binomial calculation.
    – Now that you have added more units, a Fundamental Physical Constants section would be nice (elementary charge, gravitational constant, etc).

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Henry says:

    A very good app, but like @Matthew above, I can’t figure out how to key in a colon to do time differences! Please help those without a hardware keyboard!

  15. vl says:

    Very cool app! I am liking the time functions, however I don’t believe that the “now” variable refreshes itself. If I enter “now” then =, it shows the time I launched the app always.

  16. xvgdsfd says:

    this is so perfect!!!!! As an engineer, I find this app VVVVEEEERRRYYYY useful!!! I wish I could give back something to the developers of this tool!

    2 thumbs up!

  17. Devcon says:

    Your calc is very nice but I am unable to use with the my tablet 8 inch as I can’t see the bottom in order to make any adjustment. Did we have the possibility to use the calc horizontally instead of vertically?

  18. L. Hambrook says:

    I have the Motorola Droid X with Android 2.2.

    The default calculator has a bug and prompted me to look for a working calculator app, thus I found Handycalc…. and love it.

    I have one odd problem… I see some the the screen shots that show an Alpha keyboard. I am not able to add any sort to text. I discovered this when trying to do “now – sep.16, 1966” I have been unable to get the alpha keyboard up to enter the expression.

    Hope to here from you soon.


  19. Nate Jensen says:

    Awesome calculator app. I have a couple of feature requests though. I also might be retarded and these things might also be apart of handycalc.

    Multi touch for the graph window
    I envision this being like google maps or something similar where you can pinch to zoom in/out of the graph window.

    Variables should be stored as matrices like in Matlab. The variable x should not just be:
    x = 10
    x = [1:10;24:3:61]

    I know those are big requests, but that would add a huge amount of functionality to this already great app.

  20. Felipe says:

    How i enter uL unit? where`s the “micro” simbol?

  21. broti says:

    Great app, love it!
    Is there a way to concatenate numbers? eg

    is solved to
    z=6 (witch is absolutely correct:-))

    What I need (for geocaching) is
    Any ideas?

  22. GM says:

    We could use quotation support, like in programing where “2” + “3” = “23”.

    Also, is there an easy way to make a number an exponent? Long press is ideal I think, but it isn’t implemented that way.

  23. john says:

    Where are n!, nCr, nPr……
    By the way, Android swipe is difficult to use (very bad idea), prefer to have left/right arrow keys.

  24. Venugopal Parayath says:

    My phone – Samsung Galaxy GT-S5670 is not supported as of now. Please update so that I can download and use this very good application.

  25. Alexey says:

    The currency exchange rate at European Central Bank is different from rate at Central Bank of Russia (
    Please make an option to update from

  26. Dan says:

    Does anyone know of a similar app for iOS? I’m looking for the conversion part of it, don’t care much for functions, graphs, calculator. But I want to be able to type “1 usd in eur” instead of scrolling through lists of units/currencies.
    Tried searching app reviews, searching the AppStore, but there are jsut so many converters that it’s impossible to find something specific.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Kishore Jonnalagadda says:

    Love the app on my tablet. However, I would like to use the unit coverter in equations. Ex.

    40 * (5 cm in inches) =

    This is currently not possible. Alternately, I would like to add functions that I can then use in equations.

  28. Leonardo says:

    In some cellular keyboard is to little as Atrix

  29. Kimball Clark says:

    I’m just looking at the app for the first time, so if I make a mistake I apologize in advance. I am very confused by the units. I don’t have a clue what units you are using for the sun, earth, electron etc mass.

    I have learned all of these in SI units. And the masses are not kg.
    Could you tell me what they are?

    Also Newton (force) does not appear in the list, but if I search it comes up. I guess I’m struggling with the organization of units and the fact that weights are being converted to masses. This must imply a certain value for the acceleration of gravity.

  30. Eddie says:

    I know this is mainly a (great) calculator program, but any chance the converter tool could be modified to output pounds and ounces? As in, input 2 kg, equals 4 lbs 6 oz. It’s impossible to find a program that doesn’t just convert to decimal pounds.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Could you add linear regression, that would be great, because almost any scientific calculator has this ability.
    Thanks in advance.

  32. tom says:

    Please, please add feature to erase a page. Sometimes I have scripted a nice document. And those empty page dummys worry me a little…
    Never the less, beautiful application!

  33. Xolotl says:

    Thanks for this amazing app! It’s by far the best calc i found on the market so far. Just some suggestions to extend its features:

    – Database of physical constants (as Angel already suggested) would be nice but with the possibility to add new ones manually

    – Possibility to add personal unit conversions (for instance energy is also often converted into equivalent units like mass or wavelength)

    – A personal quick bar for the most usefull conversions (maybe as widget)


  34. Hobe says:

    I have some very difficult formula with lots of “unknown” saved on different pages in several documents. Is there a possibility to have a short description on top of each page like


    **Amplification B

    to find desired formula easier?

  35. Claudio Passarella says:

    Which is the exponentiation function [ Ex: in excel is exp() ] ???????
    It is the opposit to ln()

  36. Anonymous says:

    I really like this app, but miss one particular function – xth root of a number
    It is possible to count f.e. 6th root of 5 by writing it as 5^(1/6), but it is little clumsy when you have to do it dozens of times. I would be very grateful to find this function in next version.

  37. Anonymous says:

    try to input 1000+1002+1011+1012+1006+1003+1010+1004+1033+1015+1012+…..
    it stops working and doesn’t allow me to type more.

  38. Anonymous says:

    where is the symbol “:” to input time. For example:
    20120805 08:00

  39. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for perfect application. I uninstalled 3 apps from my phone after this.
    + Bigger character sizes in keypad
    + Show/hide button for keypad somewhere in pages navigation bar
    + Option for keypad selection (own or program’s)
    + Unit converter and currency buttons somewhere in pages navigation bar
    + Color selection option for backround and text
    + Size selection option for text
    + Open Source

  40. Rob says:

    Great app! Tried to donate, but PayPal said Chinese accounts weren’t accepting donations as of 11/17/12.

    Please add the following conversions:
    US Volumes: “acre-feet” and “million gallons…or MG”
    US flows: “acre-feet/day”, “million gallons/day….or MGD”

    Also, would be great if we could input custom conversions.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hi !! Good App!
    If you can verify the unit conversion for troy ounce.
    ref :


  42. Anonymous says:

    What about statistics with negative numbers?
    And a simple regression curve?

  43. Pas says:

    What about statistics with negative numbers and a regression curve?

  44. nlomelli says:

    Does anyone know how to see the thousands separator?

  45. Juan Pablo says:

    Hello, congrats for this awesome calc!

    I wonder how one can input «:» character to enter time expressions. The calculator keypad hasn’t that character.

    Best regards

  46. Works fine with my old Desktop and not only desktop but my laptop as well. I was facing problems with my laptop in connecting Wifi; now it is working very well. And of course for the Desktop it is a very fine device to connect with wifi. I love it.

  47. defields0902 says:

    Something has changed
    I cannot add the unit converters icons/shortccuts using stick it
    I get a popup message about how the icon will be placed – with only OK as a choice
    I have used the facility for years and only recently has it stopped working

  48. Anonymous says:

    me pueden ayudar por favor

  49. Omar Valencia says:

    me puede ayudar 8 . 6 – (8 + 5 . 4)

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